“Metsänpeitto 2 is a sequel to Meriheini Luoto’s critically acclaimed debut album Metsänpeitto. It’s based on Finnish folklore about a belief that one can become lost in the forest to the point of being transported beyond the borders of this reality. It’s a binaural recording and recommended to listen with headphones.”

Meriheini Luoto, violin, voice
Maija Holopainen, violin, voice
Noora Kauppila, voice, flutes, percussion
Minna Koskenlahti, percussion, flutes, voice
Tiina Louneva, violin, voice
Iida Savolainen, viola, violin, percussion, voice
Mirva Soininen, voice
Mirva Tarvainen, violin, voice

1. Metsänpeitto: VI
2. Metsänpeitto: VII
3. Metsänpeitto: VIII
4. Metsänpeitto: IX
5. Metsänpeitto: X

Meriheini Luoto 2019

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LUOTO, Meriheini: Metsänpeitto 2

LUOTO, Meriheini: Metsänpeitto 2

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