Release date Aug 31, 2018

Vincent Peirani, accordion, voice
Emile Parisien, soprano sax
Tony Paeleman, Fender Rhodes, keys
Julien Herné, bass, guitar
Yoann Serra, drums
Valentin Liechti, electronics

1. Bang Bang
2. Enzo
3. Le Clown Sauveur De La Fete Foraine
4. What Power Art Thou
Kashmir To Heaven:
5. I Opening
6. II Kashmir
7. III Stairway To Heaven
8. Night Walker
9. K2000
10. Falling
11. Unknown Chemistry
12. Smoke & Mirrors

ACT Music 2018

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PEIRANI, Vincent: Living Being II – Night Walker

PEIRANI, Vincent: Living Being II – Night Walker

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