E.S.T. Symphony:
Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra
Hans Ek
Iiro Rantala
Marius Neset
Verneri Pohjola
Dan Berglund
Magnus Öström

A1 E.S.T. Prelude
A2 From Gagarin’s Point Of View
A3 When God Created The Coffeebreak
B1 Seven Days Of Falling
B2 Wonderland Suite
C1 Serenade For The Renegade
C2 Dodge The Dodo
C3 Eighthundred Streets By Feet
D1 Viaticum Suite
D2 Behind The Yashmak

ACT Music 2016

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E.S.T. SYMPHONY: s/t (2LP)

E.S.T. SYMPHONY: s/t (2LP)