Mangala is a composition from 1986. After composing it Airaksinen told he went to Pori jazz festival. He told, he picked same moods in Miles Davis and Urban Sax as in his composition. Mangala is completely different world and time, maybe out of time. It is complex and exiting. King of Snakes is about force that overcomes evil. Some people think this is Airaksinen`s best composition. This record gives opportunity to hear some of his best works not been available before. 5 works of perfection and beauty.

Side A
1.Night of Time (6:10)
2. Mirro of Forehead (6:10)
3. Otata (9:51)

Side B
1. Mangala (15:50)
2. King of Snakes (7:31)

One Point Life 2015

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AIRAKSINEN, Pekka: Mangala (LP)

AIRAKSINEN, Pekka: Mangala (LP)

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