The Swedish contemporary trio “Das Orchester” was founded in 1999 as the result of a staging of a theatre piece based on the book “Prayer for Chernobyl” by the Belarusian writer Svetlana Aleksijevich. The unusual constellation of recorder, trombone and cello was in fact, to a certain extent, inspired by the subject of the book. However, the combination of instruments with their disparate characters, presented no existing repertoire and the first piece performed by the ensemble was written by the cellist, Chrichan Larson.

1.-5. Chrichan Larson:
Chernobyl Consorts: I. 05:57
Chernobyl Consorts: II. 02:33
Chernobyl Consorts: III. 01:33
Chernobyl Consorts: IV. 01:18
Chernobyl Consorts: V. 03:12

6. Örjan Sandred:
Flames and Blazes 07:28

7. Anders Hultqvist:
Chaconne – At Night At Dawn 11:48

8. Martin Svensson:
Strained 09:37

9. Bo Rydberg:
Strategema 07:36

10. Fredrik Ed:
The Falling Veils 14:48

Kerstin Frödin recorders
Chrichan Larson cello
Ivo Nilsson trombone

Blue Music Group 2015

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