A live recording of Diamanda Galas at the Cathedral of St. John The Divine, New York City. Recorded on October 12th and 13th, 1990.

  1. There Are No More Tickets To The Funeral
  2. This Is The Law Of The Plague
  3. I Wake Up And I See The Face Of The Devil
  4. Confessional (Give Me Sodomy Or Give Me Death)
  5. How Shall Our Judgement Be Carried Out Upon The Wicked?
  6. Let Us Praise The Masters Of Slow Death
  7. Consecration
  8. Sono L’Antichristo
  9. Cris D’Aveugle
  10. Let My People Go

Mute Records 1991

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GALAS, Diamanda: Plague Mass

GALAS, Diamanda: Plague Mass