Marco Ambrosini is one of very few musicians playing nyckelharpa outside the Swedish folk tradition, and Jean-Louis Matinier has similarly taken the accordion beyond any ‘folkloric’ frame of reference. On the present disc, the French-Italian duo plays a programme inspired by the baroque sonatas of Bach and Biber but also by the lyrical cadences of Pergolesi.

1. Wiosna
2. Tasteggiata
3. Basse Dance
4. Szybko
5. Presto From Sonata G-Minor (BWV 1001)
6. Inventio 4 (BWV 775)
7. Taïga
8. Qui Est Homo
9. Praeludium From Rosary Sonata No. 1
10. Oksu
11. Hommage
12. Kochanie Moje
13. Balinese
14. Tasteggiata 2
15. Siciliènne

ECM Records 2014

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MATINIER, Jean-Louis / Marco Ambrosini: Inventio

MATINIER, Jean-Louis / Marco Ambrosini: Inventio

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