1. Letter From Down the Road/And Other Things (Traditional)
2. Maybeline (Courtney Hartman/Celia Woodsmith)
3. Paper Prince (Celia Woodsmith /Courtney Hartman)
4. Empire (Celia Woodsmith)
5. Hounds (Celia Woodsmith)
6. Ain’t No Ash Will Burn (James Walton Aldridge)
7. Heaven’s Gate (Celia Woodsmith)
8. Turtle Dove (Celia Woodsmith /Courtney Hartman)
9. Pine Tree (Sarah Siskind)
10. Like Bones (Celia Woodsmith)
11. This World Oft Can Be (Courtney Hartman/Celia Woodsmith)
12. Some Roads Lead On (Bill McKay)

Rounder Records 2013

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DELLA MAE: This World Oft Can Be

DELLA MAE: This World Oft Can Be