A 2014 album by the Panamanian pianist who released the fabulous “Across The Crystal Sea” in 2008. “Panama 500” features two groups: one with John Patitucci and Brian Blade, the other with Adam Cruz, Ben Street, Alex Hargreaves and Roman Diáz.

1. Rediscovery Of The South Sea
2. Panama 500
3. Reflections On The South Sea
4. Abia Yala (America)
5. Gratitude
6. The Canal Suite: Land Of Hope
7. The Canal Suite: Premonition In Rhythm
8. The Canal Suite: Meltin Pot (Chocolito)
9. The Expedition
10. Narration To Reflections On The South Sea
11. Panama Viejo
12. Celebration Of Our Land

Mack Avenue 2014

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PÉREZ, Danilo: Panama 500

PÉREZ, Danilo: Panama 500

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