Luis Fiestas, composer
Annami Hylkilä, soprano
Timo Pulakka, flute
Tuuli Talvitie, violin
Eeva Oksala, violin
Marilou Robitaille-Hains, viola
Jaakko Rajamäki, cello

  • Two Expressions For Violin and Viola
    1. I And I
    2. As An Autumn Leaf
    3. Pre-consciente
  • Three Verses for a Journey
    4. I Open My Hands…
    5. Singer…
    6. I Opened The Doors…
  • Final
    7. Allegro
    8. Andante
    9. Allegro

Total playing time 41:06

Luis Fiestas 2013

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FIESTAS, Luis: Alter Ego

FIESTAS, Luis: Alter Ego