John Potter tenor
John Surman saxophones, bass clarinet, percussion
Stephen Stubbs lute, chitarrone, baroque guitar, vihuela
Maya Homburger violin
Miloš Valent violin, viola
Barry Guy double bass

First descent
Menino Jesus à Lappa
Recercar (Joan Ambrosio Dalza)
Can vei la lauzeta mover
First triage (Bernart de Ventadorn)
Man in the moon
Corpus Christi
Whistling in the dark
Swart mekerd smethes
Fumeux fume (Solage)
Hortus ignotus
Mystery play
I sing of a maiden
Theoleptus 22
Second descent
Second triage
Prelude (Pierre Attaignant)

ECM Records 2013

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